Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thanks baby :D

Had my celebration at Desa Park Citiy- FITOU Italian's restaurant.
The food not bad, but i can't finished a normal plate of meal,
cox is very big portion!

After that, we went to Pavilion to survey Coach Purse,
but no stock left then reserved from The Gardens.
From the way from Pavilion to Mid Valley to get the purse :)

Here's my new purse from my Baby :)

And i got this watch for my baby :)
He said he wants to be a FCUKer..

Thanks baby.. I'm appreciated yesterday what we went and so.
Although the weather just like an oven, like hell.
But I've enjoy the time. It flies so fast!
Sorry for my fussy, high required on you :)
But this is who am i :D

Happy 1st Anni once again!!

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