Friday, April 23, 2010

Redang Trip

Sorry for late update my Redang post :)

Here's are the pictures..

Before depart from the Bus Station.

Reach Kuala Terengganu At 5am.

In the Agency Office.

Am i OKay?

Night Activities..

We went for a walk, and saw this bridal taking their company's wedding shooting!
So Romantic..

BIKINI!! And my Lomo-Fisheye

More More Tea with a Naked guy??!

Jump Jump JUMP!!

Introducing.. Redang Beach!

Abu Kuen...!!

Calendar? Hmmmm.. Not a bad idea!!

What you looking? Ghost girls?

Jump Jump Stand...

Evening.. Nice tree shadow..

Back to Kuala Terengganu..

Sorry i curi ayam post my pictures. 
Because too many pictures then hard to control the picture with words.
I've post some pictures and tagged by my friends.
 Just look at there ba. :)

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