Sunday, May 08, 2011

370# Tadika my kindergarten!

Hi guys, last Saturday morning i went back to my Tadika kindergarten! Do you still remember your kindergarten's friends? teachers?Any memories of that? HAHAHAHA.. i guess were blur right? NVM.. move it on.. Actually i went back is helping for story telling to those kids in that kindergarten. This is so amazing! I'm so proud!

Stop crapping and let's start my photos do talking..

Souvenirs.. Umbrella of my tadika!

In the classroom,
they are drawing something..

HAHAHA.. so cute!

Playing puzzles..

Here i am and Sin nee..

This is my 6 years-old classroom!

The garden for children for plant veges and flowers..

Let's start my story telling!
MeiBao's Magic Garden

In my classroom!

They are so cute!

I had shared 4/5 times and the gang of children getting big and uncontrollable!
Lost my voice!

Indoor playground!

World map mural!

Hi, Malaysia


This is the most memorable scene!
Assembly hall, performance stage, graduation..

This is those books who present us by Japan Soka Alumi

Friendship, Courage, Hope.
Motto for Soka Junior!

Tadika Seri Soka!

I'm 2nd badge while my sis were 5th badge!

Our group photos!


I'm so proud and grateful have this opportunity back to school and share story telling to my juniors..
I am very touched with this! and children is our future capable youth, we have to trained and guide them well when they are young! 


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