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365# Sarawak Trip ♥

Hello... Sorry for late updates on my Sarawak Trip! In this trip i went with my boyf to visit his aunt, Simmon and have a trip with me! First time ever i went trip with boyf.  =^.^= This is 5days long trip, but it quite rush schedule too! Sadly, i didn't took much picture as i can. idk why :( Let's start this Sarawak post!

DAY 1#
Early in the morning, we reached KLIA around 9smtg, check-in everything and stand-by for boarding.

Otw to KLIA

This is boyf 

Boarding to the plane. Look! That's our plane!

On the phone with his aunt!


Had our lunch in the flight - Nasi Ayam
(sowie i didn't take picture)


Here i am..
After we arrived Kuching were around 2pm. And then settled down ourself, Aunt Simmon brought us to eat. *FOOD* 

Sugar Cane + Coconut 
(interesting couldn't find it at KL) 

This is the place which famous in Belacan beehun, Ice-kacang, fried "lobak kou"

Tried Kuching's Bak Kut Teh
Lots of vege..

onion rice..
(Yum yum)

This is the food you must try in Sarawak!
Sarawak KoLon Mee - 哥捞面

DAY 2#
Crocodile Farm


cute boyf


Crocodile enjoying the "water fall"


Sunny bear



This bird looks like ostrich, but with colorful head.

Lotus pond..
Actually is Golden-Dragon-Fish pond

Hakuna Matata- Lion King!!


Sleeping croc!

Looks slim and fair huh?!

His cute cousin, Willis

The development of crocodile



This is killing crocodile! 
It had killed a kid last time!

DAY 3#
Visit Museum and Damai Beach

Do you spot that big trunk tree? 
That's historic old tree like 100 years..

This is the Replica Of Iban Earthen Crocodile imges

 Damai Beach 
Sadly was we were late arrived there around 4pm, 
we booked one hotel room until 630pm and it was drizzling!

Due to nobody taking care on the camera, i didn't take any pictures on the beach!

Dinner time!
Kuey zhap - 粿杂
some pork, taufu pok and kuey teow

Special O-Jian (fried oyster) Delicious!
still got others food, but i didnt take picture.
DAY 4#
Swimming and Shopping!

We went to Sarawak Club for swimming.

PSP only PSP

Not much picture take at the pool. After swimming, had our lunch and headed to Plaza Sarawak for shopping! One of the shop were having sales, everything were 50%! I bough 2 Nike sport bras only for rm100+, boyf bough one Adidas shirt, track bottom and shoe.. Hmmm, not bad!

This is very cute. Every junctions it has this pillar with cats.
That's why is Kuching-Kucing ma...

We didn't do anything because we were rushing time, flight at 2pm. We rushed for breakfast, check-in everything and sent Willis to school. hahahaha..
Fluffy clouds

Too bored on the plane.


Same position from KL to Kuching and Kuching to KL.

Back to KLIA, we took KLIA express back to KL Sentral.

The train ticket quite expensive tho. But it only using 28mins reach KL sentral. 
No Traffic jam. Save time and relaxing!

Back to home!
5days trip were enjoyed. Gain lots of weight!

just some snack from Kuching
M&M from airport.

Handmade bag,
as Mother's Day present for my mom

Pepper sweet,
taste like mint sweet.

 Thank you!

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