Tuesday, January 24, 2012

465# #boredlikealousai

Hello... Everyone is busy on CNY visiting right? uhm.. Currently i'm located at Butterworth, Penang..
At my uncle's house. BORED #LikeALouSai

I watched "All's well And's Well 2012" the storyline were expected since this is the 3rd year.
#iamsolazyupdateblog  Well, i saw lotsa people talking about "Dip-Dyed Hair" recently.
I like it too. But my hair length not long enough to make it, and i think short hair doesn't looks like.

_  i wanna keep long my hair can get dip-dye hair.
_  i feel like wanna get a tattoo (still considering)
_  i gained lots of weight! (diet after school reopen, hope so)
_  earn lots of MONEY! (spend my money for vacation, if i can handle my $ wisely)

kkthxbye... Gong xi gong xi....

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