Sunday, April 17, 2011

361# Scream together!

this post is about my weekend! 
Last Saturday,
 i went to Klang Bukit Tinggi AEON Jusco with Orange to meet my baby.
 They had their flash mob at there for the opening ceremony of Machine store.

Hello, ifublog's orange XD

baby & me.
He is wearing black jacket act like a bad boy.
Flash mob ma, no need act like a dancer.

Here some short video on that flash mob.

Yesterday was H.A.D recruitment day.
H.A.D- Hibiscus Artistic Dance (dance group name of mine)

I'm in charged of registration.
waiting the contestants to register and numbers.

Like this picture very much 

Me & Caren went to OneU for Sushi Zanmai..
The cute girl with her BB torch..

Hello pwetties 

you know what movie we watch last night? 

Are you curious why we got 3 tickets?
Because Mr.Mike ffk..

We watched SCREAM4 last night.
Actually is not that lame tho. It just the trailer make it so annoying with the knife and stab people like no law&ethics in the world like that. LMAO. But seriously in this movie the killer are just stab whoever they want and the victims will not gonna hit them back or do some reaction. HAHAHA. 
(**For boys who wanna flirt girls, this movie can bring them to watch, cause it will scared them**)
like Girl :"啊,好恐怖啊!Boy: *EVIL SMILE* 拾到啦!

Here's the trailer.. 
Scream 4

I wanna watch SAW 7. actually i'm coward to watch horror movie, but this kind of blood movie i like. Although it is gross, but better than those ghost wanna scare you now but nothing happens like that. Making heart attack diseases on myself. 

Saw 7


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