Wednesday, July 13, 2011

393# Babes outing♥

Hi yo.. Sorry for dragging  some times to update my blog.. because mr.mike's camera is with me right now, but i don't have cable to transfer those photos.. delayed my post, but i never though that can use SD card to transfer it. Stupid me! What-so-ever la.. Well, i'm ready to tell you my last Sunday's post..

Here we go... 
On Sunday morning, 7.10 HAD prepared a dance for ALM. 
Song name Miley Cyrus- The climb

Hannah Montana The movie

After 2months of practice, this is the day!
Preparing for make up...

MingLi like promoting her moisturize cream..

Hi, JiaJia.. 

looking good in this natural snap..

Here's Mr.Mike

Vk and Mike

Hi, girls...

Here am i , Assistant [>0<]

Breakfast TK bread 

After ready..before on the stage!!


After performance!! VICTORIES!!


The choreographer..


my breakfast..

After the event, we headed to Mid Valley.. girls outing!
Sushi Zanmai for lunch!!

Hi, Pretty

Don't shocked by my look!!

nerd spec i likey 

Cool man!! BB freak!

You know what? Sushi Zanmai had renovated, the environment more brighter and warmer..

AHHH! Sushey....


My Chawanmushi O(∩_∩)O



Dessert! \(≧▽≦)/

Mingli and I

Caren and KahFui 

Taffy and i
(spot any different?)

my outfit..

Monte Carlo!! Chick Flick...

Selena Gomez look too mature, not match with her baby face. 
Leighton Meester was great, just like in GG but more ordinary girl while Katie Cassidy not really that mean in GG but desperate than that..
Paris - the city of love

Have a great day to all!! 

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