Saturday, July 30, 2011

399# Friday is flyday ♥

Yesterday morning, mama & papa were on leave so we went to breakfast together..
The transitional breakfast.. Steam bread instead of roti bakar with half boiled egg..

After that went to Dental.. filling my tooth but end up filling my *teeth*.. the sound of the machine tool soooooo scaryy... 0.o 
Whatever- Skip this topic..

Then family n i went to KLCC for Pikom PC Fair..
The landmark of KLCC city  (゚∀゚)

We had our late lunch at KLCC,
Yuzu Japanese Restaurant..

Sashimi Set

Unagi Gozen

Garlic rice (very yummy)


Thanks papa bought me 21st present..

Hi, my first camera..
Lumix LX5
Quite reasonable 
(free umbrella, t-shirt, tripod, leather casing *limited edition*,+rm10 get 16GB memory card)

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