Monday, August 01, 2011

400# Lagi Best of Sunday!

Alohaaaa! First of all, i wanna show u surprised!

I'm back to shortie AGAIN! 

Yeah, everyone were asked why i cut short again? Don't i feel pain? blablabla.. NOPE! NOT AT ALL! I keep this length of hair for 10months, i could keep another 10months if i want.. Hair will grow back after all.. Not a BIG DEAL! But i got many feedback that i'm more suitable for short hair, thanks my friends who click "LIKE" in my FB. STOP PRAISING MYSELF!:-0

So how's your Sunday doing? Family huh?! Yesterday we had our best moment. We went to Soka Family Day, i've choreograph 2dance, for boys - The Lazy Song (Bruno Mars) and for girls - Hoedown Throwdown (Miley Cyrus) you know aunty uncle would like to watch young teen to dance and make it happening and Yeah! That's what we did yesterday! 

Early in the morning, we gathered.. Others were late.. O.o

This guy.. LATE!

After we run few times, and we actual dancing! Here's the video..

After the dance, we had our photographs session.. 




I'm with the kids..




Me and brother

Hi, i'm Nerd!

Here's our summer guy, Nicholas Wong

Hello, your spec were up-side-down!


 Our group photo!



Our Summer girl..

Yeah v^.^v

With an owl.. OvO

my sister

My mama 

Does she looks like Chicken Little?

ugly playboy bb casing..

That's not me! XD

Dai gor!

Cute one! 

星咖the one who going to taiwan same with me! 

Lastly, with this spec photo. Spot my camera? HAHAHA! 
Anyway, Happy Puasa day to muslim friends and Happy August to everyone!

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