Sunday, August 21, 2011

410# Shuraku @ Solaris Soho KL

Ohayo! Sorry for late updates.. let's continue this post.. and the following farewell parties..!!

This Japanese restaurant i went 2nd times. Located at Soho KL Solaris, Shuraku.

Nako (纳豆)

Can piggy bank

Haojie, coming to Taiwan tmr!!

Amanda Jean




Side dish:-
Pork wrapped with straw mushroom

Pork belly

Pork wrapped with cherry tomato

Potato salad

Teppayaki beef

Soya sauce chicken


Seafood pancake

Soft shell crab sushi

I like the background! Qoo & Domokun

Stupid idoits


i'm number 2

Outift of that day :- 
Long sleeve (Blueberry-bangsar boutique), blue short ( cotton on ) and brown shoe ( 6th floor)

Exin & me

Please come to Shuraku!

After the dinner, we went to Haagen Dazs for dessert! 

See, chocolate fondue! NomNom 

ice-cream balls


Love ya!

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