Friday, August 19, 2011

409# Rakuzen @ Hartamas Damas

4th Farewell til now.. more to come.. 
We went to Rakuzen @ Hartamas Damas for late dinner.

Here's sweet couple. Jaysee and Suan 

Suan was keep adjusting that symbol of 




Ocha or me?

Let's show you some food photos..
Salmon Hand Roll

My Sensai Nameko Udon

This forgot its name but it is beef meat roll with straw mushroom..

Nice smell?



Sushi also

Fried salted chicken

Table full of food!

Cheese Baked Lobster?

Lobster or Suan?

ugly photos.. as Usual


Wonderful dinner night. Full stomach of food, can't finished all and take away back home.
Thank you had a dinner with me!
Take care u guys! Looking forward to your wedding dinner 

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