Friday, August 05, 2011

403# Eason Chen Duo 2011

At this moment.. Expression to express my feeling..

(1) When you are first time doing something excited...

(2) When you gonna do something ROCK.. SHOW ME YOUR HANDS!!

(3) When you gonna go for Eason Chen Duo Live Concert 2011 Malaysia..

Just ended last night!

I guess some of you guys were at the concert right? How was it? Dope or disappointed? For me overall was not bad.. But he can be more HIGH HIGH HIGH, some songs like *无人之境,于心有愧,一丝不挂,拥抱这分钟* i waited but he didn't sing.. BUT it was nice as my first concert in Malaysia! HAHAHA!! 

Luckily taffy got extra ticket, Mike got the chance go at last minute!!

Taffy and caren!

DUO Mike!
So weird my expression.. Fugly!

DUO us!

Is going to start!!

Fans' getting crowded!

Local guest artist - Alvin

First song! Standing on the clock!

Love his back drop of the stage.. so many gears..

He standing on the stair..

He was kinda funny, he can't stand our weather, especially when hot like right now! King of K-song..
Everyone were shouting like nobody business!



i think i might gonna buy his DUO album or maybe wait his concert at HK, go visit him again!
If i got the time and $$$ (^.^)

Heart this song! Enjoy this clip.. Have a great day!

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