Monday, August 24, 2009

30 Famine Camp.


Finally, over my finals..

Yesterday my weekends,
i went to 30 Famine Camp at HELP University College..

Here we go~


Casey yew..

Me again~!

Both of us..

After changed our t-shirt..

Our booklet..



Our group members.. No.1

You've got the POWer!

Open ceremony.. Cut ribbon..

The 'thumb up' emcee- Marcus Tan Eng Soon

Campers declaration about 'Fasting'..

Started our games..

Carmen's palm..

each people get a rice grain..

#1 game
Slumstar millionaire

2 handicapped.. Fatt & Tien

2 blinded eye.. Min Shee & ... (sorry forgot your name :P)

need to flip stars to earn money..


Exin & JiaHui

#2 Game
Rufugee Race

Built our shelter..

My family members :)

Tada.. there are grandfather, grandmother, father, mother(me),
brother, sister, youngest sister and youngest brother and many..

The world is so small..
I met my primary classmate..

MrDJ sam & I

tada.. after destroyed our shelter..

Night concert
We met Yun Mei Shin..

MeiShin & Casey

MeiShin & I

Signature :P

Bro-Yi Yong & I

JiaHao & Jiahui

Concert began..

sing songs...


An Honest Mistake band group..
no idea who are they.. =.=

After that,
our concert's emcee were Gary Yap & Belinda Chee

Belinda were so gorgeous..

Group picture with them..

Personal picture with him..
Exam, Gary & Casey

Me too ;D

Marcus with us.. He was so great!!

Casey and Marcus(looks alike Casey's before admired)

Group pictures with Belinda..

Next morning,
the environment were so cold..

Writing something for Indonesia-Singkawang children..

so many notes.. So warmed ;P

yeah!! Pictures with our loves <3

Group pictures with the big loves manila card..

Chicky & I

Casey & Chicky

Tien & Casey

Going to Bukit Jalil stadium..

Concert began..

Kit 张起贞

Daniel 李吉汉

Francisca Peter..

Micheal 光良

and the lastly..

A-Mei 张惠妹

A-Mei 张惠妹

Countdown Hour..

30 hours Famine Camp..

Our V-soy, Best ever!!

The camp was great..!!

Can feel the feeling on the side of those children..
I think I'll sponsor one child from Myanmar..

Next year might going again!!
Is fun!!

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