Monday, August 24, 2009

Late Updates.

Hello guys..
I'm sorry waiting for so long..


I've upload those pictures, edit it and post in blog..

Here's are some farewell pictures with Jane and HAD training at Bukit Cahaya there..

Here we go~


So excited!!

In the shuttle, going to the place..

Bro-Wei & I

The driver..

Ladies and gentlemen..


this is our training..
Need to climb this stair..

Setting up ourselves..

of course must take pictures..

On the tree..

hanging around..

See, how fun there are..


100PLUS.. Burpppp!!

Ming li & I

3 of us..

Me-Evon Ang

See, how high is the stair..

Caren & I

Nicole & I

HAD group photos..

And what are they looking?



End of this topic..


Before Farewell..
headed in McDonald..

Too hungry..
eating "kacang putih"..

At the place..

yea.. Steamboat!!

Jane sister and Caren

Oh god, already 2weeks never go for practise..
now H1N1 getting serious..
Just get a called from taffy..
HAD will stopped practise until will be inform..

Oh no, i HAD so much..

i knew you guys had started 2010 practise..
can't wait for practise anymore..

Anyway, let's fight toward this virus and against our practise..!!

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