Friday, August 07, 2009


Yes, Friday!!

Long time never go out with my man..
Last week just accompany me 3 days but no go out.

This morning, as usual..
Dear fetch me to college..

But there are something special..
A Sweet breakfast for me!!

I forgotten to take picture.
Is a burger. Inside with egg, chicken meat, cheese and cucumber.
add a hot Milo.

So touching man~ Owh!!

But unfortunately, I'm late to class.
and the burger is kinda big.
The size like McD Big Mac's size.

So i didn't eat it, and the hot Milo is very hot.
End up, we had lunch at One Utama@Kluang Station.

After that, rushed time for movie :)

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds
This movie is kinda funny and nice.

Actually can guess the end of the storyline.
Mostly are don't like each, but after know each more,
then felled in love to each.

Anyway, today's time flies very fast.
I'm super duper miss my man right now.

That's all.
waiting for Farewell's pictures.
Stay Tune :)

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