Friday, August 28, 2009


Baby boi, 永远永远手牵手……

So glad that came to my place this 2 days :)

Went to Sunway Pyramid yesterday..
Just walk walk, but lastly, went for movie..
Watched UP..
So cute, the cartoons were nice drawing,
although i'm not expert in cartoonist..

Today, went to Mid Vally..
My mission are..
Accompanied him for consultation eye center,
buy dog's cleanser,
and movie:)
I recommended this movie..
Is kinda nice!!
bit cruel and "kan chiong"..

Then dinner in my place,
met my parents..
then accompany my mom for supper..

He's on the way back home now..
At first, planned gonna home with him for dinner..
But my dad said got gathering on Sunday night..
Too bad.. But anyway,
Hari Raya will going to Seremban for holidays..
That time only go there lu..

Thanks my dear for this 2 days :)

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