Monday, August 31, 2009


Everyone have their temper..
When you're in love, of course the color and the temper will be red,
it represented love and sweet =)

But somehow, love makes us progressed many emotions in few seconds..
from sweet, angry, sad then sweet again..

Yesterday had fully argument set with limly.
The problem were not so big.
It just too serious on it.
During the Negotiations,
All not suppose words were accidentally came out.

Tears, sadness, Guilty, Powerless..

but we're fine now.
Always will be happy ending.
Doesn't meant the problem won't occur again,
it just temporarily settled.
I know this should not say like this.

Always will like this,
when you're suffering the moment,
you will just blame this blame that,
because you're the one who passing the moment.
But why not change another angle to see the point of view?
It will be more beautiful.
This is Optimistic.

After the negotiations,
both of us just raise up our white flag,
and say sorry to each.
because not only one party fault,
but both.

just challenge the way from now,
no matter how,
studies and relationship were important.
For us, studies is the first place, but not to neglect relationship.

I love you my man.

11days to go..

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