Saturday, September 26, 2009

BB 0925.


This whole week, i've accompanied BB for 5 days. Sounds many days right? Ya, is kinda sweet. Feel like just always stick together with him only. But our relation were crossed a big walk. Communicate, Appreciate, Cares, Loves, In-deep heart to heart.

In my room :
Domokun became my Birthday boy's head.

In Hostel :
Went to Giant to buy our dinner.
Marcoroni, Prego spagetti sauce, Mushroom soup and french loaf.

Our dinner. (I cooked for him)
"Gam Dong+ing"

Cha siu- Homemade :)
(i know bit cacat, western+eastern food)

Campbell Mushroom soup :D

Cheeze HotDog ( Bit hangus)

The spiral marcoroni :D

Birthday boii!!

BB took this :

I took this :

After dinner, wash all plates and woks :P

Time for P.R.E.S.E.N.T

The present for him O.o

Reading my love letter >.<


Happy Birthday to BB :)

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