Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Dear FeiWei:

Hey, october i know is your big day larh..
Need to remind again and again or not?
But important is you must do all the best in your finals,
to create a victory in the end of this year arh!!

I always treat you as my brother, as my best friend, as my buddy and my comrade :)

I miss those memories of us. Were so happening and exciting :)
H.A.D is a big family, an important big family to us.
But our family members were too many potential youth,
one by one going to oversea further studies.
Although they are gone, but the spirit are still being with us!!
We must maintain the most perfect ready to do everything in the coming challenges!!

1010BBQ, let's get fun on that night :)
The 10 is the last month in school, let's make a remarkable month!!


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