Friday, September 04, 2009



Finally i uploaded all pictures!!
The line is very super duper suck!!

Go to the main point..

Last saturday,
H.A.D had celebrated earlier bufdae for me..!!

Before going out, waiting caren fetch us to 1u..

After that we watched FD4,

before show starts..

Quite horrible,
but is kinda good for release stress..
Keep screaming screaming and screaming..

After movie, going for dinner..

At Chilis restaurant..

when i'm small, i called this as uncle chilis..
Got no idea on it :P

When reading the menu,

Surprised!! Happy birthday to you!!

Yeah~! 18 goes to 19..

Cut the cake so ganas..

Caren are you okay? LOL..

Licking the spoon..

it's time to eat!!

Tada, my Honey vanila Sponge cake!!

Me and Caren

This is SaimonKong.. Holding my FISHEYE O.o

Miss Caren

Miss Evon

Miss? Nono, Mr.Nicky Ong


Kiss the bees... Or maybe sting the bee? LOL..

Peace~ Mingli and Ong..

Our Dinner Meal..
Forgot the name of them.. Just eat..

This is the popiah eat together with the dishes..

What a cool post?!!

Beside that strawberry nose..!!

So HAppy?

my Fisheye O.o


Wei's Idea.

Dessert.. Vanila ice-cream+hot cake..
Just like Hot N' Cold..

Personal Photos..

MingLi & I

SaimonKong & I

Caren & I

Nicky & I

Sista & I

Walking around..

Here's the stupid post..


4 of Us..

Thank you so much..
Had a great day!!

Love you guys so much :)

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