Sunday, September 27, 2009


Had a hair cut on last Thursday.
Though want to keep long like before my apple head,
but quite hard to keep right now.
Don't have the patient.

And last time my hair not long and short, very cacat.
I know want to keep long should patient to wait and ugly for awhile.
But when i told my hair stylist to cut short,
he was so happy.
because my face more suit to cut short rather than keep long.

As my girlfriends said,
if i keep long, just like Ella act in the 蔷薇之恋,
wearing wig.
OMG!! hurt right?
but anyway, now i've new fresh hair style again.

I like it very much.
But bit too short.
If i color it, like Penny 戴佩妮's hair.
Never mind,
hair will still growing as i'm still living.
So just let it grow as healthy will do :)

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