Saturday, September 12, 2009

Legally 19!!

Yesterday had a great day with my man :)

is the memorable day for me in this year :D

Here we go into the topic :>

When dear came to my place, already late around 2pm.Then we headed to The Curve to take his laptop in SonyStyle, after that headed to my hostel to change his clothes. From uncle became Lengzai. LOL.. Anyway, then we went to Mid Valley. At first the plan was just stay at there for celebration. But he got his plan, then we went to KL, Starhill. Guess what to eat at there?

Jogoya Restaurant Buffet !!

Then we started to move on, searched food!!

My man, holding curry puff :)

Here's the BBQ food. The beef were tasty :)

The only sauses in BBQ area .

Next, Dim Sum.. His favourite!! SiuMai..

This is Shark Fin :)

This is my favourite, Chawanmushi :)

Drinking the shark fin, yum yum!!

Next, Sushi!! Looks so tasty..

Red wine. Under age?!!

All eggs + Shark Fin :)

My darling :)

Steamboat- miso soup:)

Fruits for digestion!!

The burner for the steamboat!!

DESSERT!! Haagen Dazs

Chocolate Chips!!

Here are mixed: Rasberry, Strawbe

Happy Birthday to ME!!

I drew myself, i know is ugly :D

In the car. KL night were damn traffic jam, is totally not moving.
luckily i'm GPS, then we use another way back home.

Here's my Lomo with Domokun :D

I've a great day yesterday :)
And the present were so nice, thanks my man:D

Anyway, than you for all my friend who wished me yesterday.
Sorry i never reply back to you all, cause phone haven't reload yet and lazy to reply too :)

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