Friday, September 18, 2009

Girlfriend*Birthday Celebration

Happy Happy Birthday!!

Although my girlfriends had celebrated once with me, with me cake.
But to cater others friends, decided to have another celebration,
but others can't make it too :(
Anyway, that night was great with my girlfriends.

We get prepared from 7 something, but settled down almost 9pm.
Is starving, and tired ='(

At 9something, we went to Pandan Indah for dinner, was kinda far.
But that restaurant were nice. Although the services slow, but the dishes were not bad and cheap. But not eat for full, just like snack. Lol..

Casey :D

Stephy & Jaysee :>

What are you doing?

Uncle from kampung? Lol..

My BB.. muacks^^


What are you looking?

This is our drink!!

Is okay :)

First time drinking?

Expert drinker!!

Mabuk+ing? @@

Err... Going to mabuk?

Belated Birthday Girl :)

Drink it like a chinese tea O.o





Thank you my girls :)
Had a great day :)

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