Monday, March 22, 2010


This is Jane Woo, so called my sister :)
She came back from UK. Sound far right? She went there for her degree in psychology course. Now came back for visiting us + Share us our her good news! Her wishes came true!! 2years before she wished that want to go Japan Soka University. 2years after she got into that university! How great it was!! She had became tougher. Because she challenged many obstacles before going to UK and during UK. Now she gonna challenge her living cost in Japan. This is what she share with us!

Dear Jane,
I miss you so much. Although you were leave us for 2 and the half years in UK. Saw you still continous fighting for your dreams and obstacles, i know is was hard. For me, sure won't have much more far to go another country. I'm proud for you, you've made a great victory report to sensei!! I'm still finding my direction after graduation. For sure i'm going into TV industries, but idk where and which way to go. I want to go Singapore and taiwan have a look. To experience the view of world. Then only think deeply and chant into it to get my right direction and right mission to stay and move on my steps.I will chase my dreams as you did, try to find more seniors to get guidance.

Take care, my sister :) miss ya, love ya :D

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