Tuesday, March 16, 2010


What the fark problem right now?
I'm so so so fed up..

i'm not artistic
i'm not pretty
i'm not fashionable
i'm not a good talking person
i'm not a good dancer
i'm not a good listener
i'm not in good figure
i'm not in good looking
i'm not a perfectionist 

i'm even not a good debater!

I'm trying my best to cater you, but what returns to me?
i don't want any hurts, invisible and neglects from you..

i'm human too.. Feeling everything even animal worth for it..
Or i could not even animals are not as..?

I want the power!
no need always be the coward, not i'm the one..
It just of my independent screw it up!

Fark off.. I want talk to you, but fake to smile like knife hiding inside my heart..
How fake is that?

Please think about yourself and for me.
no longer a friend, no longer a beloved!

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