Monday, November 01, 2010


This morning, Bryanne message me ask me out to Sunway.
We had a shopping day!
At first planned to watch movie,
but she had an appointment at Sunway medical,
therefore movie were cancelled..

I loves this pant!!


after that,
around 330pm,
we walked to sunway medical..

Ouch! looks like so pain..
cox the machine keep suck her saliva

Dinner time!
we were exhausted and hungrayyyyy...
Taiwanese restaurant!

Somehow like snow flakes, with a scoop of ice cream..

Her 炸酱面

my 清汤面鸡排
Nom NOM!!

we back at 7pm.
Oh ya, i bough a legging at Forever 21.
no line and are fully sealed on it!
Love it! 

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