Friday, January 01, 2010


Hello 2010!!

Long time never sit in front of my laptop at home.
Hmmm.. i can smell the freshness!

Not that kind of freshness, is I'm free to sit in front on it.

Busy for 1months+, to earn some pocket money.
for 2010 get a new allowances,
for 2010 get a new contributions,
for 2010 get a new freedom and financial.

so happy 2009 passed and here comes brand new 2010**

Semester, girlfriends, entertainments, gossip, exams, new love, part timer..
I think this is my 2009 life, while 2010 after my diploma,
i want make it more colorful.

Give my pupil more wider and bigger,
give my brain more powerful and bigger too. :D

Baby, thanks for accompanied this few days.
I'm glad 2010 the first day i'm with you.

Love you, 1 1/2 years only.

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